How to Introduce Role Playing with Your Favorite Book

September 3rd, 2013 by Amanda Young


How to Introduce Role Playing with Your Favorite Book

A guest post from our friends over at Adam & EveĀ 


Sex can be a lot like a good bottle of wine; it gets better with age. With age comes practice and comfort, both which make you more likely to know what works for you and your partner–making sex more pleasurable and meaningful. But at the same time, it is the same token that makes you more likely to fall into predictable routines with your partner, because, well, you know what works, right?

So while sex does get better, you have to proactively work on keeping it better, otherwise, it can eventually flatline. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can spice up your sack sessions. One fun way to keep things constantly changing is to inject a little role playing into your routine.

You may be thinking, like what…a teacher and student? A doctor and patient? Or even a lonely housewife and the UPS guy? While those ideas are all fine and well, you can always opt for a little more unique route. Simply turn to the romance novels you’ve already been reading and use them as your role playing fodder.

Pick up a few of your favorite novels and look for that scene that really turned you on. You know the one that you thought about for while and has stuck with you months after reading it. That one. It’s perfect because you’ve already wrapped your head around it enough to really get into it. Now you just need to get your partner on board. Your best bet to do so lies within the good ole fashioned communication.

Let your partner know that you’ve been thinking about role playing recently and that you would like to try it out. You may find that they’ve wanted to try it as well and may even have some fantasies in mind. If they are a little apprehensive, reassure them that it will help the two of you explore each other in ways you’ve never experienced before and that they don’t have to worry about coming up with a scenario cause you had already thought of one. With that, give them the chapter or scene to read so they can familiarize themselves with the story line.

Once you’re both on board, you’ll want to really build out the scene and atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to dress the part, throw on a wig or pick up an accent. The more you can immerse yourself in the part, the more likely you are to lose your inhibitions. Be sure to also snag some props like a blindfold, champagne, Adam and Eve adult toys or even just candles. At this point, you may be dying to get your hands on each other or extremely nervous. If you’re the latter, don’t feel silly. The first time around can be a little awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. Just slow it down, have some of your champagne prop and be ready to laugh. Role playing is all about having fun, learning, enjoying each other and getting off. There’s no way you’re going to be able to do that if you can’t relax.

Don’t be afraid to utilize lots of dirty talk, its the most effective way to sink into character. You should also not be afraid to deviate from the storyline. While you may have used a book to incite a little bedroom inspiration, there’s nothing saying you have to stick to the script. Write your own ending and you just may find you like it better. And finally, remember to not be critical. It may seem obvious, but your partner may feel as awkward as you do the first time. They also may not recreate the scene the same way you always imagined it in your head. Be ready to be flexible and let them know you had a great time and appreciate them trying this out for you.

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